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The Matrix Achievement Process (MAP)

The Matrix Achievement Process, or 'MAP' for short is the main process we employ in consulting. This process allows us to evaluate your current sales success and to develop strategies and development modules (if identified as a value) in-line with your corporate objectives and at the appropriate skill level for your sales-force. The process also allows us to spend time with sales-leadership, first line managers and sales-people to get a true flavour of your business and how we may be able to help support your on-going success.

MX Sales Coach

Our 'Remote Development Solution' will help increase performance and development of your sales force. Using skill simulator technology, your workforce will be able to rehearse, review and improve through a guided and supportive programme. Our customers tell us MX Sales Coach delivers results.

An Overview of Some of Our Popular Solutions

The Best Seller (The Neuroscience of Selling)

The "Best Seller" program offers insights into the art & science of sales associated with the best practices of persuasive communication and is specific to your industry.

Selling to Senior Executives

This program will help overcome the traditionally daunting challenges of selling to Senior Executives and leadership of your customer's organisation.

The Complex Sale

Our training modules will help you with issues of dealing with multiple influencers involved in today's decision making process.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is very different to selling. This course will provide you with the skills and tools needed for successful negotiation and give you an understanding of the art and science of this well discussed area.

Leadership Development

We offer high quality customised management & leadership programs to enhance and develop current and prospective leaders in your organisation. Our Modules will cover a range of common issues faced by all managers and leaders, and provide you with a toolbox of strategic and tactical skills to drive sales to your customers and development within your team.


We offer a customised consultancy service that will cater for any and all of your organisations training and development needs.

Talent Selection

Our talent selection programme will help your managers recruit sustain and improve the talent in your organisation.

"Raising the bar, raising your game, upskilling."

Terms we are all familiar with and have heard or used them many times during our business life. We know that to be a real professional, you need to work at improving your game just the same as a professional athlete.